How To: Accurately measure plugs and jewelry

Accurately measure plugs and jewelry

Does size really matter in plugs and rings? If you don't want a blow-out, definitely. Be safe.

Measuring plugs and body jewelry isn't the hardest thing to do, but some people get confused on certain aspects of measuring so I thought I would make a video explaining how plugs, barbells, captive bead rings, segment rings, and circular barbells are measured. Plugs especially seem to be most people's confusion. Always make sure to measure the inside of the jewelry (the part that you actually wear inside your ear), not just the flares. Flares will make some plugs look bigger than others. For example, comparing any set of organic plugs to a set of steel plugs, the steel plugs are always going to look bigger (since organics generally have small flares). So keep that in mind when comparing jewelry sizes to each other.

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Thanks, I'm glad someone actually explained what to measure on plugs.

If the saddle is a 1/2 and I ware 7/16 how do I get the plug in my ear??! It doesn't make sense to me.

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