How To: Prepare for a navel piercing

Prepare for a navel piercing

In this tutorial, we learn how to prepare for a navel piercing. First, know how much the piercing will cost, so you are prepared to pay for it. Next, do your research on how to clean and care for your piercing. Cleaning it with salt water and a cotton ball will help keep the piercing clean and infection free. You should also know what kinds of piercings to avoid. You can get a larger gauge for your belly button, which will cause more pain depending on how large you go. Also know that the piercing is going to hurt you, because you are getting a needle stuck in your body. Become familiar with places you can buy your jewelry and purchase some ahead of time to avoid paying costly jewelry prices a the piercing place. Using these tips can help you be more prepared and enjoy your navel piercing more!

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