How To: Fake a lip ring

Fake a lip ring

Turn up your volume to learn how to fake a lip ring from this girl. She recommends using earrings and wire cutters.

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get it for real. Fake piercings is just too lame.

thats a realy cool idea

but what if ur mom and dad wouldnt let you???

i like it so suck it up preps!

god im gothic hello hoes

Its a cool process and i really like the idea but getting a fake pearcing is just too fake i mean its creats a fake pesonality and you end up with a fake image..

can any body show me the video how to gat a fake labret stud to show lips pierced????

Yeah... way to much work, just get a captave ring, take out the ball and there you go. That an fake piercings suck. it's retarted

wow i have a piercing and its not fake

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