How To: Stretch your ears up to 0 gauge without damage

Stretch your ears up to 0 gauge without damage

How far can I go without having permanent scarring and damaging to my ear lobes? This simple video shows you the proper technique to work your way up to a 0 gauge.

Many people are curious on how big they can stretch their ears without having permanently stretched lobes for life. The answer to that is most people can stretch gauge their ears up to 2 or 0 gauge without any long term effects. You can take them out after reaching these sizes and your ear will heal up and look totally normal after a few months.

PLEASE REMEMBER THOUGH, the slower you stretch, the less permanent your hole will be. If you stretch really fast, you will more than likely end up ripping your piercing more than you are actually stretching it (which can leave a permanently stretched piercing). So make sure you wait the recommended 1 month interval between stretches, and never skip sizes/gauges, so you will heal up nicely and have a nice healthy piercing.

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This is pretty said I have to turn to strangers to talk to about stretching but ive made it this far on my own and now I do need to talk to someone because the gauge 2 to 0 seems to be a big stretch for me? I have tried all week long to get the 0 gauge in and it just will not go. I have tried running hot water over my love, using lube (vitamin E oil) and soaking in sea salt and it just will not stretch all the way. I dont know if I am just being to careful because of doing it myself and scared of a blowout or my ear is just not ready? Its been 6 months since my last stretch so I "thought" my ear was ready.. Like REO says Keep Pushing LOL any suggestions?

It doesn't look like anyone has responded to your post. I may be wrong. Anyhow. For some reason I had a harder time with my left ear than my right through my gauging process. I ended up ordering acrylic tapering earrings with matching plugs off amazon. That helped with gauging larger. Because I put the 0 ones in as far as they would go and let then hang. Then I would twist my ear around playing with my lobe. Play around a little with them and then every night I would slot try to push the gauge in just a little farther. I also used organic coconut oil to lube up the earrings so to speak the more you tug and play with your piercing after it had healed. Pulling. Not hard obviously. But just mes with them.thats also how I gauged my tongue. Good luck if ur still working on this.

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