How To: Gauge and pierce your own ears

Gauge and pierce your own ears

This video demonstrates how to gauge your ear, which is essentially the same as piercing your ear.

The first step to piercing your ear is to grab a 15 gauge needle and hold it under a flame for 15 seconds. This step ensures that the needle will be sterile for when it pierces your skin. Another good idea is to use peroxide on the needle.

The next step is to hold a piece of ice on both sides of your ear to reduce pain and numb your ear. Holding something behind your ear will help to cushion the impact of the needle to prevent injury.

The third step is to actually put the needle through your ear lobe. Although many are worried that this hurts, the pain is only about a 3 out of 10.

Watch the rest of the video to actually see the piercing.

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